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    My 2 Favorite Pizza Recipe: Yogurt and Chicken Pizza & Sardine and Lemon Pizza

    Here are two of my absolute favorite pizza recipes for the summer.  These pizzas are unique enough to please a crowd who is looking to try something new.  A great pizza starts with the best pizza ingredients and will only finish properly with the proper oven and some patience.  These recipes ar … Click this link


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    Italian Oven Chowder

    The Italian Oven Chowder, oh I love this dish. Someone shared this recipe in me and I was surprise because it was so easy, and a very luscious recipe. I love this dish especially in the morning, because I hated eating my breakfast with just bread and cookies with coffee. So I sometimes prepare …

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    Curried Pineapple Rice

    Make your mood blown away with this Curried Pineapple Rice, it’s a full meal that is pack with pineapple chunks that will boost our immune system and make you more fitter and healthier all day long with your work, this dish is very ideal specially for breakfast because for me, rice is the best w … Just click here


  4. BBQ Pork Sandwich Sandwiches? Well, the best that I could suggest for you to try and make is this BBQ Pork Sandwich, because instead of BBQ with rice, umm I think it is much better in sandwich which everybody will enjoy and love. The things that I like in this recipe is it fills my stomach …
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    Breakfast Pocket Sandwiches

    Breakfast Pocket Sandwiches Recipe Breakfast is the very important meal to take everyday because breakfast is the starting meal that will help our body to energize and boost ourselves to start a great day into whatever we do every day. So, for those guys who skip breakfast meals sometimes, I …

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    Ham and Cheese Quiche

    After the boredom and laziness strikes in me, I get up and search for an easy meal for my breakfast for tomorrow and so lucky that somebody posted some kind of unique recipe, and that’s the Ham and Cheese Quiche. I tried to made it at that night and let it stay for an overnight at the fridge as … Click here


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    Moo Shu Pork Wraps

    Moo shu pork is a dish of northern Chinese. It is believed to have first appeared on the menus of Chinese and in U.S. lately in 1960’s, and maybe some part of Asia’s serves it too nowadays. mmm I’m not so sure about it, but anyway… Before when I first tried and tasted it, I remember eating qu … Click this link


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    North Carolina Pulled Pork

    I like this North Carolina Pulled Pork with bottomed and top with my bread, just like burgers, but this time, burgers are too typical for me, and what’s in for today is this North Carolina Pulled Pork with my bread. If you had tried this, I’m sure you would also agree with me. It may have some … Click the link


  9. Make a Jerk Turkey Breast Recipe Cooking is love, and I love seeing people’s faces that are so excited to eat and so happily satisfied after they already ate the faves of foods they were craving on, especially when I cook for them and in after I came back, and nothings left in the table for m …
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    Creole Submarine Sandwich

    Creole Submarine Sandwich Sitting can be so boring in a morning. And jogging or walking around can be a good exercise but cooking for a great breakfast can be the best for the heart specially when cooking for you is love, and when you see the a sparkling smile on someone’s face after eating y … Simply click here